Regulated Entities

Stay ahead of the regulatory curve and ensure long-term success

Regulated entities in Luxembourg face a constantly evolving regulatory landscape and must keep up with the latest compliance and risk management obligations while navigating complex governance matters. A proactive approach to tackling these issues, combined with expert guidance and tailored solutions, can help regulated entities thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Accounting & Support

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Independent Governance has become a mandatory element for any company wishing to comply with best practice standards. Our providers have both a 360-degree understanding of corporate responsibilities and key pro-business acumen.

At MEBS, we strive to assess and manage short term opportunities and risks so to ensure long term value creation.

Both regulated and non-regulated entities face a wide range of governance issues on a daily basis. We have been assisting boards and management teams deal with these subjects for over 12 years. Our providers have practiced across various market cycles and acquired the relevant experience to assist in even the most complex corporate matters.

Today we ensure the long-term prosperity of our client’s company’s, through leveraging the extensive market know how of our team and enabling the implementation of best practice standards. Our focus is to provide high value add directors, specific to our client’s needs. *CSSF Approved Providers